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Cheap Kitchen Remodeling Tips

$12,000 - the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles.

It goes into bright new cabinets, luxury appliances, the big windows, teensiest fittings, all the unforeseen costs, and then above all, the labor to bring it together. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Have a long look.

The Before.

The After.

Now throw out some costs. 4k? 5? Fresh cabinets. New flooring. That entire kitchen absolutely glows!

This entire remodeling job was done for $100.

Don’t go into debt for a room you cook your meals in. Design with fixtures in mind, and remodel your kitchen the smart, cost-effective way.

Cost Effective Faucets

Some homeowners throw out their handcrafted stained-by-a-master beauty of a cabinet just to have something to call a centerpiece. Give that title to your faucet.

Faucets have been becoming more and more cost effective as of lately. Homeowner demand for faucets that don’t leak, that conserve water, had the industry make good.

Faucets can even be energy efficient when it comes to heat. A few companies make their energy efficient faucets with a temperature slider, which lets you decide exactly how hot and cold your water stays to the dot.

Chances are there’s something you want to fault your sink for. Maybe the way it spits water at you is unkind. No matter the case, exchanging your faucet for another is a tried true way to bring your kitchen together. If you’re attached to your current faucet, a new finish could be the way to go. There’s -

Polished Brass: Slight gold, just that little bit regal.

Satin Brass: More understated but silken in appearance.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Traditional dark that wears its highlights in deep ochre.

Copper: Polished penny. Transforms wear and tear into character.

Satin Bronze: As smooth as it sounds.

Polished Nickel: Holds a deeper color than traditional chrome.

Brushed Nickle: Beautiful soft metallic look.

Chrome: Time tested. Fits anywhere anytime.

White: Statement piece. Porcelain yet not fragile.

Just as adding “a new coat of paint,” to your faucet can bring it to the foreground, adding new handles to your cabinets absolutely changes everything.

Cost Effective Cabinets

Most homeowners when looking to save on cabinets will hurl their budget on staining them anew, or even less cost effective, customized doors.

A little understood fact, as you just saw, is that the handles of a cabinet can absolutely change the narrative your cabinets tell. However, if you really want to change the aura of your kitchen - go with lighting.

Cost Effective Lighting

3-Jar Glass Chandelier | West Elm. Glass Jar Filament Pendant. Kitchen with Glass Jar Filament Pendant above island. These 3-Jar Glass Chandelier | West Elm are $249 each. <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23JarGlassChandelier" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23JarGlassChandelier&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#JarGlassChandelier search Pinterest">#JarGlassChandelier</a> Karr Bick.
Affectionately titled pendant lighting, these lights hang down from the ceiling and introduce your kitchen to a new flavor. They’re not costly either, with the range being 20 - 70 per light depending on how out there you want to go.

Adding a rail gives your kitchen a night direction when it comes to lighting. There’s something special about your lights hanging all on the same line, and especially customizable.

It’s possible to boost the scope of any room with just a few lights. Recessed lighting goes right into the ceiling, no drop down, no extra fixture, and fills the room with light with relative ease. Keep in mind that replacing your lighting doesn’t have to be an aesthetic switch. Many homeowners replace their lights because there are more energy efficient alternatives.

It’s about the little things when it comes to fixtures.

Whatever method you choose, Novel Remodeling believes that re-imagining your kitchen should not be a luxury denied by entry fee. Remodel your Los Angeles Kitchen within any budget.


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