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Kitchen Cabinet Consumer Reviews

When doing research on the best of the best it can get easy to be caught in the false persona a company sets for itself. In search of the greatest mid-range cabinets I had a look at what actual people had to say about their actual experiences. Just cut through the noise.

IKEA Cabinets

Consensus: You know what you’re buying when you go to IKEA.

The prices are fine with the build being of pretty decent quality. What suffers is your selection of choice meaning that if you want something not completely standard, you’re sending your cabinets to a carpenter. For a homeowner the installation of a cabinet is hard enough. Adding an artisan to the whole mix makes it even trickier.

This is also to note - IKEA cabinets absolutely suffer in their longevity. Their warranties are generous for a reason and gradual breakage is something you will have to deal with.

Merillat Cabinets

Consensus: I kept seeing the word Merrilat, Merrilat, Merrilat, all over the place which urged me to dig in for a closer look. What I got was less than super.

Merrilat is just not great for what you pay for. While their customer service is not the absolute worst, their delivery services always seem to have trouble. Wrong products, scratched finishes. Nothing seems to send the way it’s supposed to. When it comes down to it, Merrilat is the definition of mid-range quality for high-end price, a concept anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows too well.

Kraftmaid Cabinets

Consensus: Everyone seems to have heard of Kraftmaid. It’s for a good reason.

Kraftmaid is the mid-range cabinet queen. Their products maintain a reasonable price while not sacrificing the quality of their build, which is pretty amazing considering the range of choices you have when it comes to design. When homeowners feel the urge to change up their kitchen, their first thought for cabinet replacement goes straight to Kraftmaid.

How to Install a Cabinet Right

At the end of the day, what truly makes a cabinet look even better than the price for is your cabinet installer. There's just no discussion. Oftentimes the person you get is competent. But competence is never enough. A talented cabinet installer is what every project deserves, so we at Novel Remodeling never cut corners when it comes to clicking together the perfect kitchen.


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