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Mother's Day Remodeling Sale

As the old saying goes, Mother’s Day isn’t just once a year. Flowers are a nice way to say ‘I remembered,’ but you could do better. Give a gift that lasts so that your mother knows, every day is her day.

Patio Covers - The Gift of Leisure

A patio cover is a calm wooden structure over the yard that gives just the right cover over your outdoor communal space. It’s perfect for getting the most out of any weather.

In rain you can read in the humid air as the storm patters on the roof.

On sunny days hot beams dissipate into a summer haze.

Hold get togethers, outside, under one roof.

Closet Space - The Gift of Choice

Any mother is bound to have an ever changing style that collects a few memories along the way. Extra closet space gives somewhere to organize the whole repertoire without having to throw it all down on the bed - wondering what stays and what goes.

A walk in closet fans out into a beautiful arrangement of possibility.

Shelving gives another place for new shoes to stand.

Make it a space made specifically for your mother.

Gardening - A Gift of Immersion

A small landscaping project can rise up as a special little place in the yard, a garden that gives more than is put in.

Home-grown fruits and veggies have their own fresh crunch and sweetness.

Flowers that bloom once every year give something to look forward to each season.

A personal garden allows a mother to engage deeply with her home.

Bathroom Remodeling - The Gift of Cleanliness
The bathroom is made up of such simple parts that after a time just seem to go wrong. It’s the way the sink leaks, the tile cracks. They’re little annoyances than when fixed, feel like a breath of a relief every time you remember how it used to be.

Updated tile gives the bathroom a fresh clean look without changing a thing else.

A new vanity takes utility and luxury to melt them together, a place to freshen up for the day.

An enclosed shower acts as another room in the home, dedicated completely, elegantly, to your own relaxation.

Kitchen Remodeling - The Gift of Family

It’s all about the spices, little details that come together that make a kitchen feel so good to use, good to be in.

Painting the walls a color that melds just right can revitalize a space like nothing else.

Solid cabinets with their doors handcrafted feel right to the touch.

An island addition makes communion not just a dining table thing. Happy Mother's Day

The smallest changes make a big difference when they're appreciated every day. Give a mother a gift that she'll love every day. Contact Novel Remodeling to start your project, up to 40% off.


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