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Cheap Kitchen Remodeling Tips

$12,000 - the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles.
It goes into bright new cabinets, luxury appliances, the big windows, teensiest fittings, all the unforeseen costs, and then above all, the labor to bring it together. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Have a long look.
The Before.

The After.

Now throw out some costs. 4k? 5? Fresh cabinets. New flooring. That entire kitchen absolutely glows!
This entire remodeling job was done for $100.
Don’t go into debt for a room you cook your meals in. Design with fixtures in mind, and remodel your kitchen the smart, cost-effective way.
Cost Effective Faucets
Some homeowners throw out their handcrafted stained-by-a-master beauty of a cabinet just to have something to call a centerpiece. Give that title to your faucet.

Faucets have been becoming more and more cost effective as of lately. Homeowner demand for faucets that don’t leak, that conserve water, had the industry make good.

Faucets can even be energy efficient when it comes to heat. A few co…

Granite, Corian, or Quartz: Which is Better for Your Countertop?

“If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,”

A kitchen countertop needs to be able to hold up against the elements without breaking under pressure. You’ve got a variety of choices when it comes to what material that countertop is made of but the most hotly contested are Granite, Corian, and Quartz. So, I found the pros and cons.

Granite countertops are the hardened 93% natural stone 7% resin that can be a unique addition to your kitchen.

The pattern of each granite countertop is completely unique which gives them a very natural appeal. Keep in mind that this is a stone pulled straight out from the ground so predicting exactly what you get is not going to happen. Otherwise, maintaining this countertop is what you’d expect. Granite is porous and requires sealer. Applying it is fairly easy however, and can be done with a drink in one hand.

As a general maintenance factor, keep hot pans off this counter unless you want to burn in a couple of blemishes. Not keeping a standar…

Kitchen Cabinet Consumer Reviews

When doing research on the best of the best it can get easy to be caught in the false persona a company sets for itself. In search of the greatest mid-range cabinets I had a look at what actual people had to say about their actual experiences. Just cut through the noise.
IKEA Cabinets

Consensus: You know what you’re buying when you go to IKEA.
The prices are fine with the build being of pretty decent quality. What suffers is your selection of choice meaning that if you want something not completely standard, you’re sending your cabinets to a carpenter. For a homeowner the installation of a cabinet is hard enough. Adding an artisan to the whole mix makes it even trickier.
This is also to note - IKEA cabinets absolutely suffer in their longevity. Their warranties are generous for a reason and gradual breakage is something you will have to deal with.

Merillat Cabinets

Consensus: I kept seeing the word Merrilat, Merrilat, Merrilat, all over the place which urged me to dig in for a closer look…

Black Mold In Your Home

Black Mold Health Effects“I don’t feel good when I’m in this room.”
In the same way that asbestos wasn’ttaken as a serious threat, the health effects of black mold has truly been a consistently denied, dismissed; overall ill-researched phenomenon.
This doesn’t stop people from knowing black mold has inflicted them with deplorable health effects. Some people are affected. Some aren’t. One thing is for sure. If you have black mold in your home it’s best to remove it because the signs of illness can take years to show up, and when they do, they really don’t let go.
Some of black mold’s signs of damaging health effects may seem common cold. That means sneezing, coughing, irritation at the eye - but it evolves further. Nausea and vomiting come along, which then comes to bleeding within the lungs, through the nose.
These are just the common symptoms. Some have experienced incredibly specific symptoms such as this blogger who is still unwinding the healing process of perpetual heart palpitations…

What Isn't DIY Termite Damage

Termites really find their livelihoods out here in Los Angeles, and as any common pest - you as a homeowner think you can handle it all on your own.
There are a lot of things that you can fix with hammer, nail, a little bit of common sense, but termite damage really is absolutely not one of them. Here are the projects to seriously never take on.
Flooring Termite Damage

There’s good and bad news when it comes to termite damage in your flooring. It’s the most common early sign of termite damage. In a way, be glad when you catch the infestation at this stage.
Clues are as follows -
Sagging Flooring: is a sign that termites have deeply weakened the structure of your home. When they dig through they leave ill supported tunnels which can lead to the floor simply slouching where it shouldn't.
Visible Trails: If you’re lucky enough, and I mean ‘lucky,’ you’ll see thin trails above the composition of the floor where termites may have nibbled but it’s unlikely. Termites love the deep dark. Withou…

Signs of Termite Damage in Los Angeles

A woman landed her dream home in a ‘grass is always greener,’ part of town. She had her eye on it for a while, but never expected to live there, much less within her budget.
Not a month into owning the home she noticed strange trails that ran through her floor like live veins, going seemingly deeper. Upon inspection the wood shattered, completely hollow. Deep trails filled with pus-colored termites exposed themselves for a moment, before escaping deeper into the structure of her home.
The Damage Termites Can Do
The average cost of termites per home is $8,000 in damages. That’s because the homeowners that take the initiative to take care of the problem resolve it under $2,000. The homeowners that take their time, take their losses at $16,000 when the situation is already far out of control.
Because a termite infestation is only truly noticeable once a number has been done on your home, I’ve listed each stage along with the sign it correlates with. Don’t skip a single one.
Calloused Holes in…

Novel Form