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The Pros and Cons of Granite or Tile Backsplashes

Granite and Tile Backsplash Ideas in Los Angeles Style comes and goes but when it comes to stone backsplashes it really just is up to your personal preference. The big two choices (aside from the many, many little details you can choose on any design) are granite or tile backsplashes. Here are some things to consider for both.
Granite Countertops Keep it All Safe
Granite is the firm natural stone whose natural home is in the kitchen. Where other countertops brown, scratch, get tired over the years, granite holds on far past whatever warranty a contractor decides to throw onto it. This is why it’s important to hire a decent backsplash installer in Los Angeles because the lifespan of any natural stone is dependant on its installation.

No matter the backsplash ideas you choose to follow, its intention is to protect the wall, but no installs it for utility alone. A granite backsplash makes the kitchen look larger, uniform. It’s a steady rise from a counter, towards the cabinets that make it a…

Novel Remodeling Memorial Day Sale!

Novel Remodeling is having a massive sale this Memorial Day Weekend that goes up to 50% and there are so many projects to take advantage of this deal for.
Above Ground Pools
From a bird’s eye view Los Angeles is a city of palm trees, patios, and pools. Let’s just blame the weather, beautiful 24/7, sometimes too hot - but that’s why you dip into the pool. Above ground pools fit all lifestyles, all families. Always a great addition.
Patio Covers
A little shade from the sun is a common theme here. Patio covers transform a deck into an extension of the house, a second living room - no walls, no fuss, just a roof overhead that covers it all. A deck addition is a nice treat for any yard, but a patio cover completes it.
Exterior Painting
The sun picks up during the summer which means exterior paint loses its luster quicker. Many homeowners choose to repaint their homes during the summer to bring back that clean shine they love - all season long.
Artificial Turf
Green lawns brown too easily in Los An…

7 Paint Damages That Cannot Be Ignored

The Most Common Paint Damages in Los AngelesYour home protects you from the elements but what happens when that damage builds up? Rain, sun, wind too - peel away a home’s only protective layer, its exterior paint. When left to worsen this problem evolves from superficial to structural damage. Fix it early.
Blistered Paint is An Open Sore
Sometimes you’ll see paint inflate to the point where it looks ready to pop. When it does, it’ll be more than just an eyesore. Paint bubbles when applied under direct sunlight. Through the long run unchecked blisters lead to deep exterior paint damage that leaves the wood beneath exposed to further damage.

Peeling Paint Rips Back A Protective Curtain
There’s a reason exterior painters in Los Angelestake the careful time to sand everything down. If you paint on a dirty surface. If you paint on a damaged surface. That paint’s going to peel. Badly. An exposed home is at the mercy of the sun and rain, which is only going to accelerate the timing on when you …

The Right Finish For Your Los Angeles Home

Different Types of Paint Finishes for LA Homes We all know how color affects how you feel in any given room. Painted yellow walls are sunshine in a room. Blue relaxes everything down to a slow, even pulse.

What homeowners don’t take the time to consider is what is the best paint finish for their walls. We’ll take it from the top.
High Gloss Finish

Starting at 10. High gloss does it best with a durable glass-like finish to any surface that can light up a room. It’s a sought after look that isn’t achieved easily. Part of the trouble of high gloss is the fact that it highlights everything down to little imperfections in the wall. It takes the careful hand of a licensed painter in Los Angeles to achieve this look, smooth to final.

Semi - Gloss Finish Pulling back the highlight just a little bit has made this finish a much more popular choice. At 50% gloss this finish retains its protective nature, but just like high-gloss it has a tendency to show the bumps then bruises of everyday life. It’s…

Timing is Everything When Repainting Your LA Home

The Right Time To Paint an LA HomeAny home remodeling project can toss around a schedule in the worst ways. When to repaint your home is an important question to ask because it’s not just about the state of your home’s exterior. Okay, it is about that, but it’s also about timing.
Find the Right Season to Repaint Your Home Exterior


Everyone’s doing it - which is the exact reason you might not want to. Los Angeles exterior painters are SWAMPED with work during the summer which means that your home is going on a big old-fashioned waiting list. Not to mention that although while the summer is a healthy month to repaint your home, that heat can dry paint way too fast, stifling its lifespan.


If you’re looking for when to repaint your home, go for spring. Los Angeles exterior painters are looking to get the busy season going, so they often offer discounts in the Spring. Think of the spring as the ‘early application.’ Responsible. Timely. Relaxed weather is great for the longevity o…

7 Signs of Roofing Damage Common in Los Angeles

The Tell-Tale Signs of Severe Roofing Damages in LA While you live with the sun on your shoulders, your roof is always baking in that Los Angeles heat. Your contractor may have laid out the 25 year lifespan on your roof but far too often homeowners miss the warning signs and their Google search goes from -

[Roofing Repairs in Los Angeles]


[Roofing Replacement in Los Angeles]

Do. Not. Wait! Here are 7 roofing damages common in LA to catch early.

Curling and Buckling Shingles

This unfortunate look is brought to you by the sun! Poor asphalt shingles warp all the way off their seams, protecting your home from nothing. By the time they look like a gaggle of curled fingernails it might be a little too late for simple roofing repair, but be glad because this issue is gradual. Just catch it early.

Missing Shingles
This is the -

[ Am I Dying Because of X Symptom ]

Of home repair. Don’t worry. If you’re missing a couple of shingles it’s not because your roofing is low on time. Yes. Sometimes when the s…

Replace Your Roof with Any Of These Materials!

Homeowners in Los Angeles Choose These Roofing Materials If it can be cut into little rectangles, chances are someone will try to nail it to your home, call it a roof, and overcharge.
Too often homeowners are scammed into materials that don't match the fit or texture of their home, expensive projects that don't last the years promised. If you’re looking to replace your roofing in Los Angeles, here are the materials worth looking at.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Slap this on the roof and call it a day. There’s a reason shingle roofing is so popular. They’re cost effective. Notice, cost-effective. This isn’t some cheap alternative. Asphalt shingles have a valuable life-span of 25 years, which certainly lives out the upfront cost. There are over a dozen readily available colors to choose from, solid or blended, which hands over the control of a good first impression over to you.

Now some people might say 25 years is a little on the short end. True. But it’s also what you’re paying for, and…

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