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Granite, Corian, or Quartz: Which is Better for Your Countertop?

“If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,”

A kitchen countertop needs to be able to hold up against the elements without breaking under pressure. You’ve got a variety of choices when it comes to what material that countertop is made of but the most hotly contested are Granite, Corian, and Quartz. So, I found the pros and cons.


Granite countertops are the hardened 93% natural stone 7% resin that can be a unique addition to your kitchen.

The pattern of each granite countertop is completely unique which gives them a very natural appeal. Keep in mind that this is a stone pulled straight out from the ground so predicting exactly what you get is not going to happen. Otherwise, maintaining this countertop is what you’d expect. Granite is porous and requires sealer. Applying it is fairly easy however, and can be done with a drink in one hand.

As a general maintenance factor, keep hot pans off this counter unless you want to burn in a couple of blemishes. Not keeping a standard maintenance for your granite can lead to spills leaking into the stone, or food particles infecting the surface you eat on. Granite isn’t cheap, and in order to maintain its look you’ll need to be very careful about how you use it.


Corian is looking to change up the conventional stone countertop and proudly refers to itself as a beautiful ‘smooth surface.’

Corian as a kitchen countertop is the definition of flexibility. You want a seamless backsplash on the wall? Done. You want a variety of colors? All yours. A true chameleon when it comes to pattern, Corian can take on the look of marble, granite, quartz, whatever. You could get it zebra striped for all they care. Which - might lead us to the downside.

Some homeowners have referred to Corian as looking a little cheap. Some have gone as far to say they hate it, but it all might be personal preference. Corian doesn’t go out of its way to prove it’s natural, and in a kitchen countertop market in love stone, that can be a problem. Corian also stains easily. It only takes one hot pan to leave a mark. Don’t be surprised when you’re asked to take a sander to your countertop to wipe out its impurities. Or, when you might want a countertop replacement in a few years.


Quartz contertops sit high on 93% natural stone along with a poultry 7% resin mixture. While its stones come from the natural earth, you’ll notice that it’s a more designed than as-is.

When it comes to quartz countertops you have an incredible amount of control over what the final product. Quartz is not just a stone sliced into slabs. It’s carefully designed. Stronger than granite. Non - porous, which is huge. Spills won't leak into your surface, leaving an ugly discoloration. Little bits of food won’t get stuck, making your surface unsanitary.

Overall quartz is what you’re looking for in a surface, and only has a little bit of bad going for it. Time discolors it, and to keep it looking sharp you’ll want to avoid putting hot pans on its surface - like any counter. That’s about it. It's four out of four-star quality is the reason it is the most expensive countertop in this list. But, you get what you paid for.

Call a Countertop Installer

No matter what you chose, a kitchen countertop installer can make, or quite literally break your experience. Novel Remodeling recognizes a great countertop as the true value in any kitchen. Contact us to schedule a new possibility for your kitchen.


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