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Bold, Strong, Lasting Types of Patio Cover Materials

Patio Cover Materials

Best Patio Cover Materials in LA

In Los Angeles, patio covers are a staple as ingrained as the below ground pool. Most homeowners want the freedom a little cover from the shade gives when the sun goes scorching, and the only real big question on the subject of patio covers is -
It’s simple.

Aluminum Patio Covers Last

Aluminum Patio Cover
Aluminum patio covers are a reliable addition that do what they’re supposed to do; drop a little shade without the extra worry of maintenance. Leave the structure alone. Let it work for you.
Aluminum resists anything that the weather can muster, outlasting any other types of patio cover materials on this list. As such, the price of this generous material typically sits 20 - 30% above the regular cost of say - a wooden patio cover.

Vinyl Patio Covers Love Variety

Vinyl Patio Cover

Sheer variety of appearance. Any hue, tone, texture, make it look like wood, make it flat, the complete spectrum of aesthetic preference is available when it comes to vinyl. It almost doesn’t need to be said, but the aluminum and wood are heavy materials. Vinyl isn’t.

For the naysayers that believe imitation is impossible, vinyl patio cover installers are known to offer no hassle returns on any project. That’s the closest thing to trying a flavor before choosing that home remodeling will ever get.

Acrylic Patio Covers Get It Done

Acrylic Patio Cover

What I personally love about patio covers is how simple the principle is. Lay out some shade. Which means that cost effective materials can be used without compromise of the result. Vinyl patio covers might win variety of texture, but this type of patio cover material has variety in form. Acrylic patio covers come in an even wider variety of shapes and sizes that other (heavier) materials just couldn’t stand to do.
Whereas other covers can take weeks of sawdust and hammer, acrylic patio covers can be installed within a day. The price isn’t fussy either.

Wooden Patio Covers Mesh So Well

Wood Patio Cover

Go through any lush color wood, variety of stain, and you’ll see why the favorite type of patio cover material in Los Angeles is natural wood. Oftentimes homeowners tend to match the lumber to that of their homes for a common pair. After all that’s the point of the best kind of patio cover, bringing the home and outdoors just a little closer.
Patio cover installers in Los Angeles as a formality do bring up yearly maintenance, but it’s only one day out of 365. Not a commitment. It’s hard to lay down the straight cost of a wooden patio cover because of the variety of choice there is here. Take it as a good thing. If you’re set on a wooden patio cover there’s an option for you.

Where To Go, What To Do

Even the best patio cover’s lifespan is entirely decided by the hands that work through the project. Novel Remodeling installs patio covers in Los Angeles for the long run. Click here to get started.


Novel Form

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