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Unleash the Succulent

Los Angeles makes it hard on green lawns for their landscaping. It’s not grass’s fault that it swallows up 9% of California’s water usage, a thirsty luxury to maintain. In a drought, that number might seem a little unreasonable, especially in the summer when grass browns in an instant and soaks up your water bill while still managing to work up your allergies.

Maybe it’s time for a replacement.

Consider the succulent.

You’ve noticed them before - planted in anything from teacups to old shoes. It’s a competition to the bottom to find the tiniest place these fat little plants can burrow their roots in. But what if I told you that succulents were being held down? That you need to unleash the succulent into your next landscaping project.

Landscapers in Los Angeles are stepping up their game with these plants. Too vibrant to deny, a succulent makes the most out of your garden. But they’re more than just pretty.

Succulents have such a bulbous, perky look to them because they store water better than any other plant which makes them incredible for drought landscaping. Through this conservation they’re able to self-sustain in a way other plants cannot. In fact, watering them more than once a week is too much. Succulents tend to enjoy being just at the verge of thirsty before you need to water so you don’t need to babysit a succulent. Even if you had to, how could you say no to these?

Succulents come in an incredible variety that mesh with each other so well. That’s not to say they don’t go well with other plants. Some would say they’re the best at merging with an existing garden. The small need for water and general big green look means that succulents can be planted anywhere with good taste.

Outside can be a treacherous place for any plant. Insects love to sink their mandibles into a personally crafted green yard buffet. Luckily, succulents tend to be fairly resilient to insects. Of course, they’re not invincible and the few tips that can be used to keep them healthy may be found here on this excellent succulent blog.

Los Angeles is the sort of place that imports palm trees to keep up appearances but at some point we have to admit - being a slave to the water bill is a complete drag. A sprinkler running like a water thief in the dead of night is a drag. Grass is a drag.

Just say no. You live in Los Angeles and don’t need to fight the sun. Novel Remodeling has a ton of experience uprooting old landscaping habits and turning them into gorgeous new spaces that feel like summer. We can help you too. Click here to get started.


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