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Take On Your Summer Projects

Summer Home Remodeling Projects

Summer is the season for a home improvement project, and I’m not just talking about changing the room the TV is in. Now is the time to invest in a proper upgrade to your home that changes the way you live in it. We’ve selected the best in money saving, energy efficiency, or just plain good-looking projects to invest yourself in this season.

Central A/C

Window mounted air conditioning installation is a notorious crime against your home’s energy. Unless you’re prepared to play a game of musical chairs, turning your A/C on and off as soon as you step in and out of each and every room, you’re going to be wasting a ton of electricity.

This summer, install a central A/C in your home.  Not only is this a straight win to your home’s quality of life, it’s an incredible investment to your pocket. No longer will an inefficient A/C run away with your energy because a fine tuned central unit assures you only use what you need. Keep in mind many potential buyers won’t even look at a home without a Central A/C. Once you experience it, you can’t go back.

To help you out, earlier this month I went through and explained exactly what makes a good A/C, a good A/C. Hint, your central air conditioning installer makes all the difference.

Solar Installation

So much energy is being produced through solar that LA’s 24/7 power plants are looking like they might have to shut down during certain parts of the day. Through this success, solar installation in Los Angeles is quickly becoming cheaper. The technology is only getting better and now is a great time to jump in.

The value of transforming your home into a true self-sustaining powerhouse is unlike anything else. There’s a lot to love about green energy but we’d be lying if we said that installing solar didn’t liven up your wallet. In terms of truly owning your home solar is the next logical step towards making it yours. The summer sees a ton of sun, so get started on the your integration with solar to make use of those rays.

When I said now is a great time to jump in, I meant it. Laws on solar panels will be changing in the coming months, but that only means that you can sign up now to ensure you get the best early deal.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Los Angeles has a complicated relationship with grass. The drought forced the city to tighten its valves, which lead to brown lawns too thirsty to satiate. It costs a lot to pour all that money into the ground. Makes you think that the picket fence and good home are worth it, but the grass can go. After all, you’ve got better things to do than babysit a lawn.

Low maintenance landscaping is being smart with what you have in your garden. Some plants just aren’t made to survive landscapes in Los Angeles heat which is why succulents, cacti, and all other manner of well-suited flora make a once fussy yard into a self sustaining garden. Stone slabs instead of patchy green make a yard elegant. A low maintenance yard looks anything but.

For succulent garden ideas, have a look.

Window Changes

We’re moving towards the sneakier weights on your energy bill. Windows are often thought of too literally as the finishing touches of a newly built home with builder quality windows that crack easily and do nothing to insulate the home. Replacing your windows ensures that you’ll be spending much less in energy given that the A/C doesn’t have to fight against the pummeling heat.

If you’re looking for the best windows, I broke them down in an earlier entry to find the obvious winner. Again, the key is having a good window installer.


When’s the last time you really thought about your home’s insulation? Housing insulation is something that goes unkept for decades. Maybe since the very creation of your home. This leads to terrible deterioration which leads to both your heating and A/C to run themselves blue without making much of a difference.

Giving your insulation an inspection is something you can feel lucky is free even with a professional taking a look. This is absolutely a better safe than sorry scenario.

Ask a Professional

Either one of these projects when done right can truly boost the quality of your home. It takes big change to see big results, and Novel Remodeling knows how to make the most out of any budget, and project. Contact us for a free quote and see how much you get done this summer.


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