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What is Pervious Concrete?

Why Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete is a combination of aggregate material and paving that is made to mimic the natural filtration of the earth. It helps mitigate -

  • Erosion
  • 60% of river water pollution
  • Seepage after intense rainfall
  • The costly weight that dirty water puts on a city’s filtration system

On top of all these benefits, pervious concrete costs around the same as any asphalt installation.

For those who haven’t seen it before, pervious concrete seems like smoke and mirrors in the way it takes water, makes it disappear.

It’s an old trick through, an invention that has been around since the 1800s - comprised of simple, but ingenious parts.

What is Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete is built on five layers.

  • Pavers - All a variety of colors, looks, and all engineered to allow for swift passage of water in between each one.

  • ⅜” Aggregate - In between the pavers and comprising a complete layer below ⅜” aggregate creates a 40% permeable layer that filters water into lower levels. Fine composition also ensures that the pavers on top sit on a perfectly flat level.

  • ¾” Aggregate Base - Below the second layer are larger aggregate stones. Here, water is held in the reservoir which allows for an even drizzle into the lowest layer.

  • 1 ½” Aggregate Subbase - Here, the water has gone through the utmost filtration levels and is ready to be sent into a pipe fill.

  • Pipe Fill - A piping system is individually designed to handle the weight of rainfall that any given project encounters. Once collected, the water is channeled into the city’s water system, clean as rain.

Pervious Concrete Installation

Pervious concrete installation in Los Angeles is a valuable job that needs to be handled by licensed professionals. It’s not as simple as laying down asphalt, and requires particular measurement.

Novel Remodeling is a general contractor in Los Angeles who handles every job with severe care. The quality and longevity of any given project is determined by the hands that set it. Build it right the first time.

Contact us to see what it takes to install pervious concrete in your home.


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