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What Plumbing Material To Use For Replacement?

Los Angeles has a long history of neglect when it comes to its water systems, whether it be through poor drought management or failure to properly treat what goes into its citizens homes. There’s been conflict in fighting for the citizen which is why in 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation assuring that -

“Every human being has the right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible water.”

Yes five years later people are still buying bottled water with their IDs. Water filtration is a nightmare in Los Angeles, and it doesn’t even end there.

Harmful chemicals can make it into the water just through atrocious plumbing. When you city actively can’t pull itself together to make a plan that works for its citizens, that’s where you have to come in.

Maybe it’s time to replace your Los Angeles plumbing. Here are the options.

Copper Plumbing is Still Safe

When it comes to plumbing replacement, you’d think that copper is the one that gets thrown out for an upgrade. Not the case. Copper is reliable, sturdy, leak-resistant, well connected, with a long life span because of its tolerance to heat. While it is costly, there’s little that can go wrong here.

What is Galvanized Steep Piping?

Here is the stuff you don’t want. A lot of plumbing replacement done in Los Angeles is a preventative measure. The same way you might get ride of an off looking birthmark for the fear of cancer, galvanized steel pipes have a coating on them that goes toxic in degradation. That’s not the only con here. This stuff is heavy. It calcifies like a rock, which mangles your water pressure and like all things that degrade too easy, it also has lead in it. Avoid.

How Strong is PVC Piping?

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Rust is a complete stranger to this plastic piping that doesn’t corrode over time. If you’re looking to repair your Los Angeles plumbing, this is a great alternative to copper. It’s great with water pressure, inexpensive, and easy to install. However, it’s doesn’t handle hot water well and can warp under that heat. That’s why we should talk about -


There’s a chlorinated layer added to this piping that both freshens up your water along with being able to handle the heat. These pipes are just a cousin to PVC, just as easy to install. Keep in mind however that CPVC has the opposite problem as PVC. It cracks if it freezes. Aside from that it’s hard to find a better plumbing replacement than this.

What is PEX Piping?

This is relatively new to the Los Angeles plumbing replacement market that sprung up about 15 years ago. PEX is heat resistant, cold secured, extremely versatile without a single hitch. A lot of people are repairing their old plumbing systems with this stuff because it just works well. Now as with anything new under the sun, there are environmentalists that are a little skeptical about its chemical composition. PEX has been approved in states with the strictest health codes, but it might be good for you to do your own research of only for peace of mind.

When deciding on any of these, the big things to think about are durability / longevity. All pipes eventually go bad but there are resources online to determine when it’s really time to get that act together.

Contact Novel Remodeling for your plumbing repair project in Los Angeles.


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