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Do Something With Your Driveway

A driveway without solar is dead space. Novel Remodeling believes the simplest solution is the best. So if you have a driveway, make something of it with a Solar CarPort installation.

Do Something With Your Driveway

All a carport does on its own is protect your vehicle from the sun. Integrate solar paneling directly with the structure to transform it into a solar roof, that equipped with a charging station, becomes a self sustained energy source for your vehicle.

Be Smart About Your Solar Energy, Not Ugly

In an attempt to catch solar energy, many households sacrifice their yards to install an unfortunate looking garden of solar panels to their landscape. Unlike ground mounted solar panels, carports don’t require you to isolate valuable land just for the sake of generating energy.

Take a look at Whole Foods. They have over 325 kilowatts of solar paneling above their massive parking lot in their largest New York location. It’s just smart business. Why choose to leave space wasted?

If you are the current owner of a non-solar carport, it’s possible to upgrade what you have simply by installing solar panels onto it. The change could not be easier with a licensed contractor like Novel Remodeling, your neighbors in the Burbank area.

For the curious homeowners, solar carports are bare cents away from being as energy efficient as rooftop solar. Have a look here.

Solar Carport
Rooftop Solar
Ground Mounted Solar
Dollars per watt
Average system size
Percentage need met
Leading Panel Brand
Solar World
Solar World

Expand Your Solar Energy Life

This may not be your first venture with solar. Just like solar roofing installation, solar water heaters, cellphone chargers, blinds (yes they exist) a solar carport is just the next logical step for an increasingly green lifestyle.

The fact is, solar roofing requires a smart streamlining of energy consumption. We know what it’s like to really hunt down energy efficient appliances, but adding a car to that equation makes it keep your solar energy cost low. That’s why a solar carport is a great addition to any green-centric household. It takes care of itself, not adding a burden to what you already have.

Now is Better Than Ever

It’s not 2010 anymore. Just as cellphones went from bricks to slats, solar carports have streamlined as competition has driven down costs.

In 2010 solar carports could cost up to $8.5 thousand just to install. Now, that number is around $2.5 in 2017.

From an industry standpoint the game has completely changed. But it goes even further.
Burbank Water and Power is offering incredible rebates on charging stations for your electric vehicles starting at 1k. Use this money to help fund your solar carport project.

Because these are government funded, the energy industry doesn’t really want you knowing about these sales, but now that you know, it makes installing a solar carport all too feasible.

Installing Your Solar Carport in Burbank

Experienced solar carport installers in Burbank are hard to find. Five years ago, the business was viewed as a nice idea that wouldn’t make it far. Well. We’re here now.

Novel Remodeling has been a solar installer in Burbank since the beginning because we saw how fast things were heading in the right, clean energy direction. We want to help you integrate your life with solar, and any quote on a project is not only free, it comes with a free solar charger to get your phone in on the game.

Start your Summer solar project now and make use of that sun!


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