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Clean Slate : Why To Repaint Your Home in Los Angeles

Repainting your house is much more than just swapping one color for another. It directly affects your relationship to your home, and how everyone else sees it too. We broke down a few big reasons why you should repaint your house.

Increase Value

Painting your home is one of those magical little things that is easy on your wallet but big on value. Consumer Reports notes that painting your house can clear a 2 - 5% increase on the value of your home. At $2.25 dollars a square foot, even with the best brand of paint, adding a new layer of paint to your house is not only easy, it pays you back.

Freshen Up

Your house protects you rain or shine, both of which can take a toll. The sun hits hard, and paint chips in Los Angeles. Sometimes these little cracks in the paint can be fixed with patchwork but that ends up leaving the paint splotchy. Repainting the full exterior of the house gives a level of healing coverage that completely revitalizes a home. Novel Remodeling can help you get started on giving your home a completely different outlook.

Change Your Space

If you’ve ever been impressed by how far birds migrate during the winter, think about how often you’re on the move. Home, work, errands, and wherever your nights and weekends take you. Some people fly to the other side of the world just for a different view, because we’re at our best when we change up the old routine. Interior painting turns your home into a different place, gives it an all new meaning.

Own Your Space

When you buy a house from a previous owner you’re picking all the baggage that comes with it. That ranges from how they kept their house to the way it looked. Someone else’s definition of your new home can be a lot to unpack, and your home doesn’t truly feel like yours until you repaint it. Home painters can recreate the atmosphere of a room through texture and color alone. It helps to redefine what your home means to you.

Know Your Home

Repainting your home is a way to get to know it better, to make sure everything’s in order. Oftentimes homeowners uncover cracks, damages, and other problems that are best solved before they get worse. In a way, view painting the interior and exterior of your home as a check up on your home to really know that your house is healthy.

Make A First Impression

Beautiful homes ask to be admired. When introducing someone to your home it’s important that their first impression goes well. Even more than the land it sits on, the paint on a home tells us so much. Is it chipped? Is it sun-bleached? How long has it been since this home has been taken care of? Adding fresh paint not only clears the basics of a welcome, it also gives you the chance to design a first impression to your liking.

Painting your home is a great way to show care to it. As such, it’s important to make sure that the job is done well by experienced painters who understand what it takes to liven a living space. Novel Remodeling offers interior and exterior painting in Los Angeles, along with everything else it takes to make a home complete. Click Here to create your living space.


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