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Foundation Repairs in Los Angeles and What They Are

As they say, concrete does two things and does them well. Harden and crack. Here are some solutions for foundation repairs in Los Angeles.

Cracked concrete can be filled in with an epoxy repair solution that binds it back together. Epoxies come in various densities, thin for small cracks, thick for larger. When applied properly, epoxies effectively ‘erase,’ the crack. They’re stronger than the concrete itself so when the bind is complete, your foundation repairs stronger than ever.

Concrete sinks into weak soil like quick sand which causes an unsightly dip in the angle of the slab. A solution to this problem is ‘rip and repair,’ but it’s at the expense of a huge mess and a twenty-eight-day waiting period before your concrete is just right again.

Slabjacking is the simplest and cheapest solution. By poking a hole less than an inch wide into a concrete slab, a trained technician is able to pour grout beneath the concrete and effectively float it back into place. Within 24 hours the grout solidifies. Problem solved.

No one knows earthquakes quite like LA, and preparing your home is essential to an owner’s sense of safety. Foundation retrofitting in Los Angeles is a sought-after commodity because a small investment in precaution can save one major and costly headache.

When an earthquake strikes what it wants to do is rock your home off its foundation. What retrofitting your home does is break that push.

Each home has a different structure and must be fitted in a way that reinforces its weakness. Various methods of retrofitting include:

Foundation Bolting Repair: Which bolts your foundation directly into the ground beneath.

Cripple Wall Bracing Repair: Which reinforces the wall that runs from your foundation to the bottom of your home and acts as a spine against earthquakes.

Foundation Brackets Repair: Which holds down shear walls against a ‘rollover effect,’ by using right angle brackets.

Although we’d love to think better, builders are careless when it comes to finishing a home. These simple mistakes add up fast, with the safety of your home’s foundation completely at risk. Luckily foundation retrofitting and foundation repairs in Los Angeles are a commonplace precaution.

Novel Remodeling offers free foundation inspections and foundation repairs in Los Angeles. No one ever felt sorry for taking a reasonable precaution. Click Here for help.


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