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The Solar Industry is Changing its Rules

Switching to Solar

In Thousand Oaks, solar power is taking the fight against big energy companies like Southern California Edison that has them scrambling for business. So much energy is being channeled through solar that electrical plants which run 24/7 for Los Angeles are at risk of being completely shut down.

We at Novel Remodeling love clean energy, but we want to warn you of changes in the solar industry that are going to cause problems for those who choose solar installation after July 1, 2017 in onset of NEM 2.0. Let’s talk about what the current rule is.

What is NEM 1.0

When you apply for solar you’re asking to be a part of the grid, which means that the solar energy your panels accumulate goes into a big pool of energy that gets shared throughout the grid. So, at night when the sun’s down, you are given a credit of the excess energy you generated throughout the day and are able to use that energy when the sun’s down.

Notice how NEM 1.0 works in your favor by preserving your energy for you. The rules surrounding this are going to change.

What is NEM 2.0

  • Interconnection service fee $75 - $150 per installation.
  • Monthly flat fee of $10/month.
  • Standby charge of $27 a month.
  • Value of energy exported to grid reduced 2 - 3 cents per kWh.
  • Inability to transfer credits from high energy production months to low.
  • TOU (Time of Use) plan

Any time a service becomes more of a grounded industry it starts to root itself deeper into people’s wallets. Granted, if something had to get bigger let’s be glad it’s solar, but if you’re looking for solar installation in Los Angeles - why pay for something you didn’t have to pay for before?

Time of Use Plan

This is the big change here. TOU has caused a massive stir surrounding what it means for consumers, but it boils down to this.

Your solar panels make the most out of the sun at peak hours. Solar in Thousand Oaks gets about 5 - 6. These hours are incredibly important because you’re generating the energy for current use, and excess energy for later to use as credits. Keep in mind! The value of the credits you earn directly correlates with what time you generate energy at throughout the day.

Your energy is the most valuable when the grid needs to be able to support everyone on it, in the morning, or around 6 - 8pm, which means your energy is MOST valuable at times when you generate the LEAST of it.

As you can assume this has ticked off a lot of people to the extent that protests have fired up around Los Angeles to fight against the transition to NEM 2.0. But, business will be business and the solar industry won’t budge an inch. However, there’s a way for you to beat the system.

Get a Solar Installer Now

You want solar in Los Angeles because within six years, those panels pay for themselves.

If you leap into solar installation now, NEM 2.0 does not apply. 2.0 is set to launch come July 1, 2017 but could easily happen earlier is a specific wattage goal in California is met, which I guarantee will happen.

As you can see the world of solar installation can find itself very complicated - very fast, but only if you choose to tackle it alone. Novel Remodeling offers solar installations and solar repair to lower your energy cost.  We deal with the real dirty work of contracts and Los Angeles bureaucracy for you. For a free quote Click Here. The first step is as easy as the rest.


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