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What to Ask Before Switching to Solar

As great as solar sounds (and is) for the future, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before joining the grid.

Is there financial assistance available?

Los Angeles has a habit of being an early adopter of green technologies. While they offer financial assistance for a plethora of solar technologies, solar rooftop installation isn’t one of them.

While this is a raw deal for homeowners looking to make the switch, this allows for you to look a contractor that holds the most generous solar estimate. Novel Remodeling offers up to one thousand dollars in rebates, which in many cases is nearly 10% off the entire project.

What kind of permits do I need?

This is one of the most important questions. Laws surrounding permits can be very difficult to untangle in their specificity. The last thing you want to do is spend hours in the federal details of California, making decisions that ultimately cost more money and waste more time.

Having a contractor on your side to navigate the bureaucratic minefield turns the fight completely in your favor.

What kind of sunlight does my roof see?

Solar is possible to install on four out of five roofs so the installation of solar is not going to be an issue for most. What is a little more complicated are the calculations that need to be done in order to determine the payback on any given solar roof. Trees, angle of the roof, size of the roof, temperature, latitude, degradation of panels, orientation are all a composite of what you can regain from your solar system.

Again, the math behind this can easily be worked out through inspection by solar installers without any footwork on your end.

On the grid or off the grid?

Most people believe that having solar means that you’re attaching a battery to a home for all its energy needs. This isn’t the case. At least not for 95% of solar powered homes.

This is called being on the grid. Throughout the day your solar roof ingests sun, spinning it into energy which you use during the night. But that’s not it. All the energy your home doesn’t use gets sent out into a power grid where it can help out other homes.

The idea of setting up solar to be a part of a banking system might frustrate some people, which is why there are off the grid systems that do turn your home into a self-sustaining powerhouse. While the added cost might deter some customers up front, the benefits of having power during an outage and having your freedom may be worth it for some.

Can you decrease your energy use?

You reap what you sow with solar and there is a cost for going green. Home appliances will need to be re-evaluated on their hunger for electricity because your energy usage will need to cut the fat.

Solar empowers the homeowner to know their energy inside and out. They become self-sufficient with their needs, streamlined in their lifestyles. Going solar has more to offer than just spending less on an electricity bill.

Getting solar running in your home can be an impossible task if you’re going it alone. Novel Remodeling handles the immense leg work of calculations, and even worse, permits in dealing with local law to get a solar installation done. Click here for more information. Or Call: (855) 456 - 6835


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