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Black Mold In Your Home

Black Mold Health Effects

“I don’t feel good when I’m in this room.”

In the same way that asbestos wasn’t taken as a serious threat, the health effects of black mold has truly been a consistently denied, dismissed; overall ill-researched phenomenon.

This doesn’t stop people from knowing black mold has inflicted them with deplorable health effects. Some people are affected. Some aren’t. One thing is for sure. If you have black mold in your home it’s best to remove it because the signs of illness can take years to show up, and when they do, they really don’t let go.

Some of black mold’s signs of damaging health effects may seem common cold. That means sneezing, coughing, irritation at the eye - but it evolves further. Nausea and vomiting come along, which then comes to bleeding within the lungs, through the nose.

These are just the common symptoms. Some have experienced incredibly specific symptoms such as this blogger who is still unwinding the healing process of perpetual heart palpitations caused by mold. Everyone’s body is affected in different ways.

But what causes mold?

Causes of Black Mold

There’s a formula that dictates the growth of mold, harmful or benign.

Water + Heat + Organic Material

The causes of black mold are relatively simple. Just like a fire starts during dry season deep in a field, mold soaks up excess humidity to grow into something malicious. This is especially true in Los Angeles, where heat and moisture can linger a little longer.

Black mold grows in places you don’t check. Once you find it however, you’re going to want to handle the issue right away. If it’s just a patch on your ceiling. Handle it yourself. If it’s not, call a mold removing professional like Novel Remodeling for proper inspection.

Black Mold Removal Los Angeles

Simple things you as a homeowner can do while handling small areas of mold, and I’m talking small are -

Wear a Mask When Removing Mold: Just please do it. Even if you’re in the room.

Get A Dehumidifier: When you remove what mold feeds on, moisture in the air, you starve it of the thing that makes it grow.

Search for Leaks: Moisture doesn’t just magically appear. It comes from somewhere. Getting rid of black mold is often about finding the source of the problem. Find it. If you can’t, just hire a Los Angeles mold removing expert like Novel Remodeling. It’s not something you can ignore.

Utilize a Mold Remover: Timbor and Boracare are big ones people recommend.

Throw Out All Mold Infested Items: They all need to go or the mold never does.

These are tips for small areas of mold.

As soon as it’s “bigger than a breadbox,” you need a professional.

With any infestation it’s hard to tell exactly how to tell the actual depth it's taken in your home. For example, if you have an insulated wall, the mold may have taken root not only behind the drywall itself, but the insulation in it as well. All of it has to go, and if the mold is embedded in your home you absolutely need to call a professional mold remover.

There’s a reason they look like this when they arrive -

Mold can mess you up through skin contact, inhalation, you name it. Mold’s only goal is to grow, and it can do that with you, without you - or inside you. It’s gross but fungus tends to be. You’re not equipped to deal with that mess.

The goal of this post is to ensure that you stay safe. For any mold removal project contact Novel Remodeling. They’re experienced with this sort of thing, making sure that when black mold is removed, it’s gone for good. That’s all you want. The problem handled permanently.


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