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Los Angeles Bathroom Trends 2017

Bathroom trends in 2017 have defined themselves in one term: accessibility.

When you strip away the bluetooth-activated-fireplace-surround-sound-saunas, what you’re left with is a trend towards making the bathroom an easy to use room of relaxation.

Novel Remodeling has been keeping an eye on all the bathroom trends happening in Los Angeles. Here are some of our favorites.

Freestanding Tubs

There’s no more need for shower curtains or keeping your tub in the corner of your room. Trends in 2017 have the succinct freestanding tub as the centerpiece of your bathroom.

In this style, the deeper the tub, the better. Sinking into luxury is the main reason you have a tub, which is why all this talk about whirlpool luxury tubs has not only gone to a whisper.

In fact, many homeowners are having their high-tech tubs taken out because at the end of the day it was just an elaborate status symbol. Installing free-standing tubs in Los Angeles is a trend in effective simplicity.

Fully Enclosed Showers

Don’t concern yourself with a hybrid tub/shower combo. Life in Los Angeles has no time for that sort of uncertainty.

Novel Remodeling takes accessibility and simplicity as virtue, which is why enclosed showers have a special place in our hearts. This is not to say you can’t customize it the way you’d like.

Many homeowners are asking for deluxe showers to make use of their full enclosure - multiple showerheads, all catered to personal taste. Embrace the idea of a spa shower. In a way, the enclosed shower becomes an extra room in your home, completely catered to a long unwind.


Everything up to now has been - a little specific. But that’s the nature of trends. Vanities however enjoy a long, wide spectrum of choice here.

Contemporary vanities are still a thing. Natural wood is as great as it's ever been. Antiques have found a comeback as strikingly original set pieces that can center a room. It’s really hard to go wrong.

Of course, we’re talking about bathroom trends in 2017 so if you’re looking to follow something new, floating vanities have seen a rise in Los Angeles. Mounted straight to the wall with no protruding legs, they’re easy to clean, very stylish, and allow you to accentuate just about any other facet of your bathroom.


So many styles have pulled ahead for sink styles in 2017! The race is too close to decide so let’s just make this easy for you and have you see for yourself.

Vessel Sink

Drop in sink


Wall Hung


The choice is yours. The only thing specifically 2017 about the sink trend specifically is the gradual trend towards motion activated sinks, but that’s a take it or leave it sort of thing.


Muted colors tread back into bathroom in an understated calm. Even a classic white tiling finds itself at home in contemporary bathrooms. Everything seems to be going neutral save for the introduction of three dimensional tiling that engraves an artisan look.

Aside from general design, homeowners have been looking for a way to assuage the foot-to-cold-floor predicament, which has lead to a rise in the installation of heated flooring in Los Angeles.

Your bathroom is a select body of pieces that come together to form a place that appeals, that caters to you. It’s always a project, but with help from general contractors in Los Angeles like Novel Remodeling, finding what you want out of a bathroom and making it happen are so much easier.


Novel Form

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