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Tips on Keeping a Dog Friendly Yard

Your dog spends more time in the yard than anyone else. Assuring that your yard remains dog friendly while still being a people pleaser doesn’t have to result in compromise on aesthetic. Here are some ways to make sure you and your dog get the most out of your yard.

Turf Alternatives for Dogs in Los Angeles

The way that dogs treat traditional lawn makes it seem like they’re at war with it. Even without a pet, turf is hard to take care of. Good thing there are plenty of alternatives.

Gravel is easy on paws, unfussy, and a way to give them a specific spot to do their business.

Sand is what’s used in your everyday dog park. Tough, fine on paws, and absolutely low maintenance.

Mulch is fun for dogs to dig around, and also easy to deal with. Make sure it’s non-toxic though!

Flagstone is great for paths your dog tends to tread over. Great for giving your yard a little direction.

Artificial turf is resilient, pretty, and best of all doesn’t inspire digging.

Alternatives to conventional lawn let your dog be a dog, while allowing you to have peace of mind.

How to make your garden dog friendly

A beautiful garden is a great way to love your yard, but your dog might just see it as a challenge to tear it up from the root. There are two ways to keep it in its place.

Build it Smart:

Planting your garden thickly with a variety of plants makes a dog less likely to trounce around in it. You can also just take the dog troubles out of the equation by putting your plants too high to reach by using a method like vertical gardening. Well placed paths and fences help dissuade your dog from going places they aren’t allowed, while solutions such as buried chicken wire help keep them from digging under them.

Build it Safe:

Dog friendly gardening is about protecting your pet.  As you know, many plants are poisonous to dogs, some of which you wouldn’t think like azaleas, daffodils, and tulips. Dogs are natural chewers, so consider plants that are actually healthy for your dog to eat, like wheat grass. Make use of safe gardening by not planting thorny plants that can really cause serious injury on your dog.

Design a landscape your dog will love

Your dog wants you to have a beautiful yard. Sure, that sounds ridiculous but it’s true! Dogs thrive in landscapes that have paths for them to walk, ponds for them to drink in, big open spaces to run. Landscaping for dogs seems like shelling out money to appease your four legged buddy, but it’s really about treating the outside of your home with the same love you show the inside.

It can be as simple as building a fence, removing unwanted trees, or giving your yard a makeover.

Novel Remodeling treats every landscaping project as an individual story waiting to be told. Projects big and small are taken with the same care. For a quote on achieving your dog friendly yard visit our website.


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