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7 Paint Damages That Cannot Be Ignored

The Most Common Paint Damages in Los Angeles

Your home protects you from the elements but what happens when that damage builds up? Rain, sun, wind too - peel away a home’s only protective layer, its exterior paint. When left to worsen this problem evolves from superficial to structural damage. Fix it early.

Blistered Paint is An Open Sore

Blistered Paint
 Sometimes you’ll see paint inflate to the point where it looks ready to pop. When it does, it’ll be more than just an eyesore. Paint bubbles when applied under direct sunlight. Through the long run unchecked blisters lead to deep exterior paint damage that leaves the wood beneath exposed to further damage.

Peeling Paint Rips Back A Protective Curtain

Peeling PaintThere’s a reason exterior painters in Los Angeles take the careful time to sand everything down. If you paint on a dirty surface. If you paint on a damaged surface. That paint’s going to peel. Badly. An exposed home is at the mercy of the sun and rain, which is only going to accelerate the timing on when you need to repaint your home.

Bleaching Weakens the Structure of a Paint Job

Bleaching PaintThe sun beats down to the very chemical balance of the paint. It’s broken down shade by shade over time until the hue is nothing like the home you once loved. Bleached paint is exterior paint damage that happens unevenly, as some walls see more sun than others. The visual damage can mean years of difference.  Even if you have your home’s original paint, it’s not going to match on all sides. If you’re looking for when to repaint your home, it’s here.

Mold and Mildew Grow Under Procrastination

Mold and Mildew Damage in PaintGreen or black residue creeps up on the best of homes. Those who let vines crawl up the side of their home, beware. Check behind them as well because mold has a way of finding refuge under it. Mold and mildew are the definition of a problem left alone - left to grow. Painting over mold does absolutely nothing but incubate the issue. Best thing to do is to call a proper Los Angeles exterior painter. The problem is best dealt with by the root.

Alligatoring Paint is Either Malignant or Signs of Worse

Alligatoring Paint If you’ve ever seen paint crack in curled rectangles, it could be a few things.

  • Some paints don’t ‘match,’ on a chemical layer. If the top and bottom layer are in conflict, they’ll crack.
  • The second coat was applied before the bottom layer was dry. This leads to a mis-matched drying process that cracks in between.
  • Lead. If paint is alligatoring the first thing you need to do before removal is test it for lead. I can’t emphasize this enough. A DIY project is not worth a trip to the hospital that leads to permanent bodily harm. If paint is alligatoring, get it tested, and if it comes out positive, call an LA exterior painter to handle the issue safely.

Wrinkling Paint is a Job Ill Prepared

Wrinkling Paint
This is truly a tragedy that can be avoided, the usual product of a DIY mess up. Wrinkling happens when paint is laid thick. Ever seen magma cool to black on the surface? That’s paint wrinkling in a nutshell. The top layer gets dry then constricts over a gooey underbelly, which leads to pruned exterior paint damage best removed from your home. Avoid this look by hiring a professional exterior painter in Los Angeles for the big job.

These Problems Seem Dire

Paint damage only becomes an issue if you let it develop. Novel Remodeling looks to solve issues before they become problems. Click here to get that project over with the right way.


Novel Form

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