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7 Signs of Roofing Damage Common in Los Angeles

Roofing Damages

The Tell-Tale Signs of Severe Roofing Damages in LA

While you live with the sun on your shoulders, your roof is always baking in that Los Angeles heat. Your contractor may have laid out the 25 year lifespan on your roof but far too often homeowners miss the warning signs and their Google search goes from -


Do. Not. Wait! Here are 7 roofing damages common in LA to catch early.

Curling and Buckling Shingles

Curling Shingles

This unfortunate look is brought to you by the sun! Poor asphalt shingles warp all the way off their seams, protecting your home from nothing. By the time they look like a gaggle of curled fingernails it might be a little too late for simple roofing repair, but be glad because this issue is gradual. Just catch it early.

Missing Shingles

This is the -

[ Am I Dying Because of X Symptom ]

Of home repair. Don’t worry. If you’re missing a couple of shingles it’s not because your roofing is low on time. Yes. Sometimes when the shingles get old they lose the lustre to hold on and it might be time for a roofing repair. But sometimes it's just the sign that someone is on the roof when they shouldn’t be. Oftentimes, it could even be an animal messing with your shingles.

Cracked Shingles

Cracked Shingles
Heat damage hits hard. Paired with rain damage, your roof is in for hurt. When the granules in asphalt shingles get worn down, it opens up the structure to crack straight down the middle. Then the rain comes. The hail digs in. Wind pulls apart like nothing else. So please, just every so often have an inspection. Cracked tiles are a common roofing damage in Los Angeles because the sun just doesn’t let up.

Black Stains

Stains on Roof
You’ve seen swampy roofs. They’ve got dark waves leading down, and you think to yourself that’s water damage isn’t it? Luckily it’s not. Black stains on your home are actually just a sign of algae growth. Granted, that sounds a lot worse but it isn’t. Algae growth is only an aesthetic attack on your roof, which can be power washed away with a little effort.

Granules in the Gutter

Huge tell-tale sign here. Loose granules piling up in your gutter are a sure sign of roofing damage in Los Angeles that is hard to catch early on. Not a lot of rain falls in California, meaning that when it does, take it as an opportunity to get an update on your roof’s health. The granules are like armor to asphalt shingles. If it all falls down expect a crack down the middle real soon. While finding loose granule is not a death sentence - seeing an unhealthy amount of it may require an entire roofing replacement.

Spongy Roof

If you step onto a limp roof the feeling you get is clear. Not good. Sorry the news had to be unveiled to you like this. A spongy roof is a damaged roof with its decking giving out, possibly moisture, certainly water damage, often the culprit being poor air circulation in the attic. Either way the cause of the symptoms are varied. All that matters is quick action to repair the problem. Leaks are soon to follow.

Water Spots in the Ceiling

Water Damage Roof
This one is a lot harder to miss. If you’re lucky (I don’t really mean lucky) you’ll have a clear leak that can give an indication of where the damage is. Water crawls across the ceiling in a stream so just because you’ve found the area of damage does not mean you’ve found the start of it. While water spots can be an argument for replacement, oftentimes they are just roofing repair jobs that can be handled with care.

Did Any of These Sound Familiar?

No one likes going to the dentist but it prevents root canals further down the road. If you’ve got any of the following issues they will very likely get worse, which is why you need to put a stop to it now.

Novel Remodeling handles roofing repair and roofing replacement in Los Angeles. Call a professional to fix the problem, not cause another one.


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