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Bare Naked Patios and How To Cover Them

patio cover installation

Patio Cover Basics in Los Angeles

Maybe you’ve never noticed it but a patio without ‘something,’ over it just looks - naked. Sure. Put a little table on there with an umbrella propped up over, open halfway, and it seems to fix that situation, but we could do a lot better.

Patio covers come in all shapes to accommodate the your needs.

Slat Patio Covers

slat patio cover

This is for the most part, the most popular patio cover installation in Los Angeles. Most people are just looking for a way to keep the sun out of their eyes, not absolutely blot it out. This casual roof exudes LA style. The perfect balance of halfway-there. It makes it possible to truly bathe in the day without being absolutely sheltered from it.

Roofed Patio Covers

roofed patio cover

If you’re looking for how to cover your deck or patio in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get any more definitive than this. A patio cover that’s built as a thick, complete roof, is for when you have something to protect. There’s no reason to let your patio furniture soak overnight to an unexpected rain.

In reality all these landscape projects, aren’t just made to look the yard pretty. What a patio cover does is expand your living space. Sounds familiar? So many homeowners spend on room additions for a decent ROI (return on investment), when they could be spending a fraction just putting up a patio cover.




Patio Cover Return on Investment

If we’re talking numbers here, a patio cover has a return on investment that ranges from .60 - 2.00. That might make you scratch your head considering that even a room addition really has a consistent return of only 80% on the project. Maybe that’s because a patio cover does more than just ‘add to your home.’

What a patio cover does is set a precedent. When potential buyers see a yard that someone paid attention to, that carries over to the inside. Installing a patio cover allows you to have the right first impression. This house is valuable. Someone cares for it. Your patio cover’s return on investment is more than just a number.

We don’t have to get petty where we go down the dial on -

Patio covers lower your heating bill!
Electricity bill!
Maybe if you had one the dog would come back home!

Installing a patio cover in Los Angeles is all about making a communal space. You look outside the window and it’s a nice day. Maybe it’s petty to want the sun to extinguish a few more degrees for a little comfort, but that’s what a patio cover does: gives you a place to spend time with your family and guests.

That’s why it’s not about the cost. You want the cost recouped? It’s done. Your true return on investment for your patio cover is the experience you have on it. In the world of Los Angeles flipping the property onto another bet, we often forget that a home remodel is for us.

So enjoy it.

A patio cover installation is not a bathroom remodeling job. The process is simple. It gets even easier when you hire a decent contractor like Novel Remodeling.


Novel Form

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