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Benefits of Installing the Right Fence in Los Angeles

The first question you might be asking is “is there such a thing as the wrong kind of fence to install?” and my answer is: depends on your taste.

Slat Fences Keep It Pretty and Calm

We perceive horizontal objects in a way as being at rest, which is why when you look at this picture you get a sense of calm.

Slat fences have risen in popularity, popping up in contemporary design. They’re simple to install but have an aesthetic that’s just the right kind of fussy that gets the job done. The ‘hipster fence,’ is a title laid over it but let’s be honest, nothing that truly lacks style in Los Angeles has ever been called hipster.

By the way they’re set, the horizontal fence tends to have a more secretive approach when it comes to visibility. There often tends to be very little space in between the bars, but at the end of the day it’s all a personal choice in look.

Cattail's Are A New Los Angeles Trend Setting

This fence is definitely getting a love letter from me. It’s comprised entirely out of posts that sit up all on their own.

I’ll go as far as to say that cattail fences seem to get at the barest essential of what a fence is, a marker. It’s just a polite line in the ground that implies ownership. Nothing less or more. A regular person can go right between these posts so it’s not the best for keeping people out, but it is an elegant way to show you own your home.

As far as visibility goes the full length of the properties can be seen. When looking to install the right fence you really need to think about what your goal is for the final project. If it’s to create an actual barrier before the home and the neighborhood, this might not be the choice for you.

Shadow Box Make Sure You Get Your Privacy

Shadow and box both have concealing tones. Appropriate for sure. A center beam holds slats on both sides, alternating all the way to the end in a way that keeps the yard relatively invisible to those on the outside.

The design of this fence leaves no room to be mistaken. It’s absolutely a barrier across the entire home that assures a sense of safety. However, it doesn’t come off as a castle wall because of its woven appeal . It’s gentle, yet firm.

The only way to have a peek inside is to walk alongside it and watch as the yard unrolls itself like a zoetrope. This is definitely the fence for those that want their privacy.

Picket Fences Are Still the American Dream

It’s a dream house sort of finish that also doesn’t rise too high, or conceal too much.

When installing the right fence, picket is a popular choice whose trend hasn’t died down. Because of its simple design, there are a ton of variations to take it through. Dog ear. Scallop. The sheer flexibility has kept this look alive.

Picket fences don’t have a 'get away from me,' sort of vibe. If anything, they’re inviting. They’re often waist high, with its posts evenly distributed, enough distance in between. Sometimes installing the right fence for your home means finding a look that doesn’t separate your home from the neighborhood too much.

Wrought Iron Doesn't Sacrifice Visibility or Strength

Iron bars stand at attention around the property.

While some fences merely stand by, wrought iron makes itself known. The fence has a sturdy appearance that claims the land it stands in front of. It’s defined, specific, not to be messed with. These fences also tend to mesh very well with gates by the driveway.

Visibility isn’t an issue here. The iron bars tend to be very thin with space in between. If you’re looking for a balance between visibility and strength that doesn’t bend either way, this might be the right choice for you.

Hire the Right Installer

As I always say in my posts, the lifetime of any home remodeling project lasts only as well as the installer has done his job. Hiring the right fencing installer in Los Angeles is completely key in this occasion, which is why Novel Remodeling should be the contractor you call.


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