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Los Angeles Driveway Expansion Costs 2017

Driveway Expansion

Costs of Driveway Expansion in LA

Your car grinds onto the cracked driveway because every time you pull into it, you know the damage is getting worse.

Or maybe it’s not really the damage.

You’re just looking to improve your Los Angeles driveway to boost up some curb appeal, be a little proud when you pull up onto the driveway.

It could be purely economical.

A driveway expansion can be a necessity when buying another car - or when adding a garage.

No matter the reason why you want to expand your driveway, you’re absolutely going to want to know the cost. In Los Angeles, driveway expansion can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. When negotiating down on the price with a licensed driveway installer, keep in mind the factors you’ll have to consider.

The Bigger the Driveway, the Heftier the Cost

In simplest terms, driveways break down into a few categories based on their square footage / what they intend to accomplish. This is a breakdown only of price bracket based on width. Other factors such as curves / slopes are going to affect the price.

Single Car: 9 - 12 sq ft.
  • Exactly as it sounds. One car fits all.

Double Car: 20 - 24 sq ft.
  • One for the left. One for the right. A nice fit for a pair.

Parking stall: 10 - 20 sq ft.
  • An addition to keep your car garage cozy.

Single Car Turn-Around: 10 - 20 sq ft.
  • This lets your car freely move into a three-point turn within the driveway itself. Can also be used to describe a roundabout in driveway form.

Double Car Turn-Around: 20 - 20 sq ft.
  • Same concept except made for two.

The Materials You Use Determine How Much

Keep in mind that what you’re getting here will not be exact dollar amounts. No article of any size will be able to determine the financial specificity of your driveway expansion costs. There are way too many factors to take into account, especially considering that each city has its own rules. For your sanity (mine as well) I’m listing these materials from low to high at their usual price-points.

Gravel: Lowest

If the concept of paving your driveway with gravel sounds a little loose it’s because it is. You’ll need a stabilizer to keep it together but a licensed driveway installer in Los Angeles can keep that thing solid. It’s the cheapest option with a home-grown charm to it.

Concrete: Low

Very smooth. Often level. Concrete driveways have a clean appeal that sports a light, understated tone. Installing this definitely gets at the nice ‘new driveway,’ feeling.

Macadam: Low

There’s not an incredible difference between Macadam and Asphalt aside from the speckling of crushed stones and overall just slightly softer composition. It’s a cost-effective alternative that adds just a bit of texture to break up monotone black.

Asphalt: Mid

Hard, reliable, surprisingly reusable. Asphalt is the driveway you’re most familiar with and there isn’t much to say about it other than it’s a good choice that lasts long.

Stained Concrete: Upper Middle

We’re curling up to the higher end here. Stained concrete has an intense look the average homeowner may not have known about. A cool, glossy finish goes over the asphalt to give it the appearance of glass. It’s a driveway trend in Los Angeles that just might be in your taste.

Brick: High

There’s a natural history carried when re-used bricks are laid down into a driveway. Even those freshly made have an intense appeal that doesn’t have to be kept within the home. Upon installation, a sealer is required, but just leave that up to a qualified driveway installer to deal with.

Cobblestone: Very High

Speaking of a natural history, cobblestone’s larger, bolder shape makes it timeless. If you intend to use cobblestone, your Los Angeles driveway expansion costs may inflate more than expected but you’re paying for a look that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Some Small Things To Consider

Laws and codes, the nature of regulation - the city itself is often going to find some way to hurl a few dollars against your budget but you know to expect that from bureaucracy. Don’t even think about expanding your driveway in Los Angeles without a permit because the cost of that can easily be having to tear up all of your hard work (and savings).

Smaller costs may be the working out a proper curb cut for your new driveway, or the need to upheave the old driveway to expand the new.

At the end of the day, your driveway expansion costs what it’s going to cost. There’s no certain way to give you a perfect quote because of how unique each project has the ability to be. At the end of the day, you’ll just need a trusted driveway installer in Los Angeles.

Novel Remodeling treats each project with a careful attention to budget. They make the most out of any project. Starting a project should be simple. Just click here.


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