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The Most Popular Pool Styles in Los Angeles

The Many Types of Los Angeles Pools

There’s a reason this article isn’t titled Why to Own a Pool in Los Angeles. The reasons are obvious. Your style isn't. When thinking of a pool style in Los Angeles, the popular choices are well proven.

Kidney Shaped Pool

Kidney Shaped Pool

There’s a soft retro flavor that has kept this classic pool in the public eye. It’s the reason that if you look over a neighbor’s fence it’s what you’re most likely to see. All and all, this is the second most popular pool style in Los Angeles.

This shape has a nice division here, thinner side shallow, fatter end, deep. You have a place for the less skilled, often younger swimmers to swim about, get their sun, and a place where the water-talented can do their laps, dive as deep as they need to.

What you need to know before owning a pool is that design changes everything. It affects the way you’re willing to swim about your new toy.

Rectangular Pool

Rectangular Pool

There's a geometric beauty in laying a rectangular shape straight down into your landscape. It can never go rotten with the landscape. Rectangular pools are a very popular style in Los Angeles because of their bare utility. The shape is perfect for working out. Did no one tell you how a good swim could slim you down, throw you into shape? Well now you know.

Figure 8 Pool

Figure 8 Pool

Don’t mistake this for the kidney. We’re symmetrical in here.

The figure eight still has those soft edges that integrate with the landscape so careful and well. There’s a natural flow that makes you want to swim along those edges, or go straight down the middle in a clear lap. Might as well. There’s a lot more room to float around than it's kidney warped counterpart.

Roman Pool

Roman Pool

Wonder what makes this any different than a rectangular pool. As it turns out. Quite a bit.

These soft spots at the edge of each triangle give a small communal feel. Here you can entertain your guests with their drinks at the rim of the pool, talk to one another as you hang back in the water. It’s a half circle communion that opens up into -

The big water. Another full side where you can just swim out, deep end, not worry, no constraint. It’s the best of both worlds, one big, one small.

L Shaped Pool

L - Shaped Pool

There are two classic tendencies here. The L shape has its lounge on the lower end, usually with the stairs leading into the pool right here. This shelf in classic design is straight as the letter, but there’s also a lazy version that has it flag out. Softly.

What you’re given here is the ability to have a small part of the pool lead in, almost red carpet like, into the wider view where you can swim your laps across the rounds. The lower L often has a space big enough for children to play in while the center is absolutely more for the deep diver.

It Gets Trickier

Deciding on whether you want an above ground, below ground pool, what material to build it from, what shape to wrap it in, are all easy decisions. What isn't easy is everything else.

Pools require a lot of planning down to the chemical compound made to wage war against the growth of organic matter, methods of cleaning with words like “shock,” and “skimmer.” Even after all that pools can cause a mess with the amount of bureaucratic nonsense it takes to get anything done, and it’s not just about the size of the fence that needs to go around it. This goes down to the material of what you’re building, the size, the location, home-owners-association, insurance rates tearing up, the type of filter, the electric work, mixing static and water.

All in all what you need to know before owning a pool in Los Angeles becomes an impossible human disaster, even if you're looking to install a pool in a popular style.

If you go it alone.

See, everything I just listed is a non-factor to anyone who hires a respectable pool installer in Los Angeles. They handle the messy paper work, the messy everything to ensure that all you get out of the pool is the cool-off.

Novel Remodeling handles pool installation with a Los Angeles with an ease that a project like this has no right in having. They have a ton of experience in all the most popular pool styles, and if you want to get a little creative, there's nothing stopping you from meeting with one of our many talented designers. Start your pool project today. The Summer's overhead.


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