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Best Donuts in LA 2017

Top Ten Donut Shops in LA 

Best Donuts in LA

Looking for the the donuts. The quality. The cost? Done -

Blue Star Donuts Los Angeles

Portland born in 2012, Blue Donuts have become some of the best donuts in LA by infusing their treats with local, natural ingredients - whole hormone free milk, cage-free eggs, European style butter, in the name of unique flavors incited at first bite.

The Donuts: Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Passionfruit Cocoa, Chocolate Almond Ganache, Matcha Latte, Meye Lemon & Keylime Curd.

Cost: Expect to pay on average 3.25 per donut.

SK Donuts

Cereal crackle then pillowy finish, these donuts layer on heavy tasty sweets with names like -

The Donuts: Fruity Pebbles, Smores, PB & Oreo, Apple Pie, ( The Perfect Glazed ).

Cost: $2 - $3.50

Donut Friend

Sugars, spices, toppings, creams go DIY in this choose your own adventure of a vegan donut shop.

The Donuts: Lemon Weapon, Poppygandhi, Cinamineral, (one more) Stiff Little Butter Fingers.

Cost: $2 - $4


The best not-a-donut-shop donut-stop that lets pastry chef Nicole Rucker raise some true, honest flavor.

The Donuts: Honey Sea Salt, Chocolate cake, Plush Lemon Pistachio, Spiced Crumb.

Cost: $3.50 each,  $19.50 for half a dozen, $39 Dozen.


Instragram sweetheart, this restaurant runs 24/7 with artisan donuts out of the kitchen every hour, including fried chicken to truly complete the situation.

The Donuts: Horchata Twist with Dulce de Leche, Candied Bacon Maple, Triple Dark Chocolate, NY Black and White.

Cost: $3.25 on average.

The Donut Man

A car ride and a line is the journey to get here, but at the end the reward is a stuffed creation with a stawberry flow. Widely considered the best donuts in Los Angeles despite being so unconventionally delicious.

The Donuts: Shaped like a Baseball Mitt filled with seasonal picked, Strawberries, Peaches, Pumpkin.

Cost: Range from less than $1 to $4. They want you in those doors.

Kettle Glazed Los Angeles

When cronut imitation moves past flattery you get Kettleglazed cronut, flaky soft, a little custard to meld it all together.

The Donuts: The PB&J, Boston Creme, Glazed Vanilla Bean, Cronuts That Stood Time's Test.

Cost: $1.25 for the regulars, but $3.75 for the famous cronut.

Sidecar Doughnuts Los Angeles

Served up in batches by the hour, Sidecar Doughnuts hands outs perfectly crusted, silky love centered doughnuts with all natural ingredients.

The Donuts: Butter & Salt, Huckleberry, Vanilla, Maple Bacon.

The Cost: $2.75 - $3.75

DK's Donuts and Bakery

Thirty-four years of refinement tastes like this, all out of a stripmall with over 120 types of donuts to count (a deep fried waffle add that to it).

The Donuts: Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, Deep Fried Waffle, Chocolate Twist, Oreo Cookie Glaze, Buttermilk.

Cost: $2.90 - $5 as it gets up to the specialties.

California Donuts

Delicious donuts, muffins, croissants - there's always a line, 24 hours every day in front of this neon, mid-century look. If these aren’t the best donuts in LA, it’s worth solely for the experience alone.

The Donuts: Green Tea, Pik D'oh-Nut, Panda Oreo, Snickers.

Cost: $2 - $3 -

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