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The Problem with Los Angeles A/Cs

Don't Buy an AC in Los Angeles

Air Conditioner in Los Angeles

There’s no such thing as an A/C you can buy for life. A/C damages tend to overwhelm in that magic hour just after warranty, no repairs, just replacement. While A/Cs may function just fine for a small apartment, in a home - they’re a disaster.

Portable A/Cs

Portable A/Cs have climbed in popularity possibly because they look like the little robot maids the 21st century never got. Some have referred to these as ‘window mounted A/Cs with half the performance and double the cost.’

Their sleek appearances truly deceive, as the inner working of their engineering is a nightmare. The problem with portable A/Cs is that they’re built with only one hose that pushes air (hot air) OUT of the room, creating a depressurized room. That depressurization then soaks up all the hot air throughout the house, under doors, through windows, to stabilize the pressure.

As you can assume, this wastes a ton of energy.

Wall-Mounted A/Cs

Any A/C that’s set up, mounted, should be viewed as a temporary fix to a long term issue. If there is a need to heat up a single room, wall-mounted A/Cs can do the job well enough. The problem with window mounted A/C’s is that they’re also kind of finicky.

It’s so bad that A/C damages read like medication side-effects.

  • Refrigerant Leak - If the air isn’t coming as cool as it used to it could be a sign of an inside leak, which will require a licensed technician.
  • Faulty Circuit Breaker or Fuse -The fuse sparks out and you’ll need to call a licensed technician.
  • Frozen Coil - Without proper replacement of an air filter the ductwork gets clogged causing a frozen coil.
  • Damages Fan Blades, Compressor, Electric, and Contacts - don’t expect any of these to last for too long.
  • Faulty Thermostat - After all the symptoms check themselves down the list, what could be the big problem is just the thermostat, and of course, that requires a licensed technician to work out.

Too Much Weight

The main issue with A/Cs is that their parts are designed in such a finicky way that if they’re not used within their very specific parameters, they fall apart.

An entire apartment might be able to get three years out of their A/C, but it’s just not enough to heat up an entire home.

This is where a central A/C installation makes all the difference.

The Central A/C Solution

Palm topical LA doesn’t have to concern itself with a chill running in through the windows, which is why it has to make all that up during the summer. It gets hot, and the only thing that can handle that magnitude of rested heat is a central A/C, which is constructed to keep the temperature of a home in order.

Central A/Cs specifically speak in the languages of TONS, which is how much hot air they can fight off. Finding the right A/C is simple.
Installing any of these central A/Cs would get the job done:

American Standard

And all you have to do is match the square footage of your home, to your ‘zone.’ A more in depth guide can be found in my blogpost on central A/C installation in Los Angeles.

choosing the right central a/c

The parts of an A/C can’t be spiced up too much and most air conditioning vendors are tied in the rat race for the ‘best A/C,’ the world has ever sat in front of.

If a cool, calm home is what you’re after, install a central A/C the right way. Contact a general contractor in Los Angeles like Novel Remodeling.


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