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A Warm Place for the Family : Los Angeles Fire Pits

The best landscaping projects make use of the yard in a way that brings family and friends together. When it comes to Summer Remodeling in Los Angeles, fire pits are the quintessential.

Most homeowners aren’t looking to put a few stones around a fire to call it a day. Simple in concept, a fire pit can be personalized in many ways.

Where to Install a Fire Pit

The rule of thumb generally sits around 7 ft clearing in all directions but it’s not for safety. A fire pit is meant to be enjoyed all around from all angles. Give it a little space for everyone to find themselves a seat.

Bushes, sheds, low hanging branches all need to be kept away. Other than that, as long as it’s being built on level ground, any space is fine. Aside from the the ‘where,’ it’s important to know what factors affect fire pit costs.

The Best Fire Pit Patio Materials


Easy installation is the value of gravel for a fire pit installation in Los Angeles. Homeowners often pair the material with stepping stones with gravel of any give fineness. This gives a little direction to a project, and improves stability. For those looking to keep their fire pit costs down, it’s a great choice. However, DIY friendly often only goes so far. While gravel does have an appeal, homeowners may want to go a little further for their fire pit installation.


There’s a lot that can be done with brick and a good eye. Fire pits that are set on pavers enjoy solid ground underneath, which depending on how they’re set, can have intriguing patterns and a classic feel. For a fire pit patio, pavers are a cost effective way to secure a solid foundation.


Flagstone is a natural stone cut into a luxurious look. Everything comes together like a tortoise shell, with every patio having its own special look, never replicated. Like all the best things, flagstone is quality. Not only does it look great, it’s tougher than most materials which is perfect for a fire pit patio.


With concrete, anything is possible. What a homeowner gets with a concrete fire pit patio is a quality material that can take heavy foot traffic, and the ability to customize it in any way. Stamped concrete instills appealing texture while the mixture can be concocted with any color, any design. Because concrete is so versatile, it can keep fire pit costs down depending on the job. Of course, this isn’t DIY, and the hands of a Los Angeles concrete installer can handle these jobs with nuance.

Fire Pit Installation : Wood or Gas?

When it comes to convenience nothing beats a gas fire. It’s easy to turn a knob and get the party going, but there’s a reason a fire pit installation often comes with wood fire. In the same way people still love reading paper print, wood fires have the crackle, the smell, the intensity that just can’t be reached with gas.

A gas fire pit is going to need a fire pit installer in Los Angeles to connect a gas line, whereas wood fires will always need a steady supply of wood to keep going.

Fire Pit Installation

Novel Remodeling is a general contractor in Los Angeles who builds projects out of the individual needs of every homeowner.

Contact us to get a free quote on all Summer Remodeling projects.


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