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Top Solar Giants in the U.S.

Los Angeles solar is rises up with the hand of big business looking to go clean energy. Here are the top 5, ranked by the size of their solar consumption, top solar giants in the U.S.

5. Khols

Solar Power : (50.2) MW

Considering the severe size of Khol’s, it’s hard to imagine that with the help of solar it’s able to generate 40% of total energy just from the sun. That’s with the help of a total 162 systems, a product of the 2006 EPA Partnership in 2006, lending a hand. Only a couple of years it was left in sixth place in the nation’s total on-site solar capacity. Now, it’s gone up a rung.

4. Costco

Solar Power : (50.7) MW

A common thread in this list is the megachain store with its tall stature, broad form, using all that leverage to bask in the sun. Costco has more collective solar panels than the entirety of Florida, and it only intends to grow.

3. Apple

Solar Power : Apple (93.9) MW

Apple threw its weight around by landing an $850 million dollar deal to secure solar energy at a reduced rate, saving the company millions in the process. This 25 year deal starts with a 130 MW deal which is said to increase to 280 MW near the end. That  ‘near the end,’ is being kept hidden, but specialists point out that Apple will be tripling revenue by making what is essentially a less risky decision that achieves the same result of a high risk play. For its datacenters, Apple intends to build a 200 MW solar farm to set its data center energy use on 100% solar.

2. Prologis

Solar Power : (107.8) MW

Progolis doesn’t work what it sounds. Under the radar, Prologis is the #1 owner operator of U.S. warehouses all over, or as some would call them, sitting assets. These buildings often don’t have many workers in them. Just as much a commitment to clean energy, Prologis saw an opportunity to maximize on the space they had. Roofs are after all only there to keep an interior dry. By adding solar panels to that space, aims to be energy independent by 2020.

1. Walmart

Solar Power : (145) MW

The greatest on-site installed solar capacity in the U.S. goes to Walmart, fitting for the largest retailer there is. It’s over 300 solar systems (400 by 2018) are recognized by the EPA itself. The company loves to note that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both made appearances to speak on the value and fight towards solar energy. Unsatisfied with only increasing solar panels by the number, Walmart is also looking to drop 20% of its energy need per store by 2020.

Is Solar Becoming More Cost Effective?

Solar is getting cheaper. None of these companies would be jumping with the eagerness they do had there not been severe rebates that make not only an earth conscious thing to do, but a financially responsible one.

In Los Angeles, solar rebates have homeowners seeing their return on investment within four years.

Contact Novel Remodeling, a general contractor in Los Angeles, to find out how much your specific home can save on solar.


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